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At the current moment we are not accepting general applications, but we still want to talk to you! Please choose the option of "preliminary talk" so we can have a short interview and conversation with you now, and then before we start accepting general applications we'll contact you first.

We also look for day-of volunteers as extra hands to bring our events to life. If you love TEDx and want to help but might not have a lot of time, please select "Day-of-Volunteer" so we can talk to you about the opportunities we have coming up this year.

Partnership: Partner Liaison

We are seeking a partner liaison to be a part of the team. This position, working side by sid with the Director, will have direct contact with those who would be potential partners or sponsors for TEDxTrondheim and then maintaining that relationship. The position needs someone with a strong background in buisness and/or finance and experience delivering presentations. Being connected in Trondheim to the business community would be exceptionally beneficial. This position also has a requirement of speaking Norwegian, although our internal language is English. The position will involve:

  • Creating engaging presentations to present to potential partners and sponsors.
  • Meeting with potential partners and presenting the opportunities for investing or sponsoring.
  • Implementing and executing a plan to maintain contact with partners and sponsors over the term of the contract with them. This will include updating them on what is happening with TEDxTrondheim and various other things.

Partnership Team: Partner and Sponsor Reseacher

We are seeking a researcher to aid the Partnership team in identifying new partners and sponsors for TEDxTrondheim. This position would require good skills in research and analysis, and knowledge of the Trondheim buisness community. Having a background or strong familiarity with fundrasing and/or business would be helpful. This position does have a requirement to understand and be able to do the research work in Norwegian. This position will involve:
  • Using guidelines to establish what companies or organizations will be a potential match for the Director and Liason to follow up with.
  • Analysing the correct departments and direct contacts to reach out to
  • Looking for grants and applications that our organization would be a candidate for.
  • Creating a database of contacts in the community

Marketing/Communication Team: Press Contact

We are seeking a press contact. The ideal candidate is proactive and enjoys figuring out creative ways to recruit new people to our events. This person needs to be able to fluently speak and write in Norwegian. The position involves:

  • Building relationships with the various news and communications channels in town and contacting them on behalf of the marketing team.
  • Working with those in control of the social media channels to be communicating a simialr voice across all platforms.
  • Creating engaging content for everything being published. For example, writing press releases and reaching out to relevant media channels.


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