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To apply for one of our vacant staff positions, fill in the Application Form below. 

At the current moment we are not accepting general applications.We also look for day-of volunteers as extra hands to bring our events to life. If you love TEDx and want to help but might not have a lot of time, please select "Day-of-Volunteer" so we can talk to you about the opportunities we have coming up this year.

Creative Team. Graphic Artist

We are seeking team members to join our Creative Team to build our library of creative content. We would love to have more video shorts, banners, social media art and the like. This is a chance to stretch and create for a really diverse group of activities and mediums. This position involves:

  • Enjoy working with a very multicutural group
  • Working with a team to accomplish the various projects to fill the graphics needs
  • Developing the visual look and feel to our organization

Marketing / Communication Team : Press Contact

We are seeking a press contact. The ideal candidate is proactive and enjoys figuring out creative ways to recruit new people to our events. This person needs to be able to fluently speak and write in Norwegian. The position involves:

  • Building relationships with the various news and communications channels in town and contacting them on behalf of the marketing team.
  • Working with those in control of the social media channels to be communicating a simialr voice across all platforms.
  • Creating engaging content for everything being published. For example, writing press releases and reaching out to relevant media channels.

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