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As a non-profit, TEDxTrondheim cannot do what we do without annual financial support to create our events and all that entails. For this we look to the community for our financial partners. We also look for those willing to sponser goods or services because they believe in what we are doing. By partnering with TEDxTrondheim you will be supporting the local community of educators, students, entrepreneurs, artists and inspired people to get their idea and message out on the global stage via our international channels. You'll be helping us deliver educational and fun cultural experiences to the community. Most importantly you'll be supporting the free flow of knowledge beyond borders.

Each year we start our fundraising anew and every bit counts. We are thankful for support of any size and we do our part in making sure you are recognized for the wonderful gift of another year you are giving us. We strive to make all partnerships beneficial to our partners and sponsors. If you are interested in supporting our vivacious,  dedicated and passionate team please fill in the form below so our Partnership Team can talk to you about the opportunities we have for both partnership and sponsorship.

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